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With the implementation of the National Credit Act, Instituted June 2007, Debt Counseling (also known as Debt Review) is a highly effective debt repayment solution. Focused on helping over-indebted individuals to meet their commitments in a way that suits both their Credit Providers and their pocket. Apart from the fact that it reduces stress it offers protection against legal action from Credit Providers and the everlasting effects of being placed under Administration.

It also provides individuals with a way to repay their debts while ensuring that they still have the ability to meet daily living expenses. In short, if you are struggling to meet your monthly repayments and face possible legal action, Debt Counseling could offer you the solution you need. The process is intended to assist over indebted consumers struggling with debts through the budget advice, negotiation with credit providers for reduced payments and restructuring of debts. Entitle yourself to peaceful nights and a debt free life.

The instance you are not able to meet your monthly commitments, you know you need to find an affordable solution. Protecting you from legal action, harassment and more often than not embarrassment. The sooner you apply the better for you and your family.
The National Credit Act (NCA) formally introduced what is called a Debt Counselor to assist consumers with managing their debts. This is a bridge between you and your credit providers in order to alleviate financial stress. A debt counselor can be considered as an individual who is fully qualified and registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

They are also able to work for an organization or independently, as long as the correct rules and regulations are followed to the letter. Mamela Consulting has a team of highly qualified, knowledgeable and most of all supportive debt counselors. They will negotiate with credit providers on your behalf, as well as design and implement an affordable debt repayment plan. Also empower clients to take control of their finances, as well as their future financial decisions.

The repayment period is determined by the amount of debt outstanding, negotiations with your creditors and affordability. Once you have applied we need to advise your Credit Providers, review your budget, structure a repayment plan and refer the matter to Court within 60 business days.

  • Obtaining a legal Court Order on your behalf provides you with right protection in accordance with the nca.
  • You can make a single payment every month and the Act allows you to increase your payment if and when you can afford it.
  • As soon as you have repaid your short term debt and are only left with the bond, you can apply for a Clearance Certificate.
  • The period it takes to repay your debts will vary depending on your unique situation but the majority of Mamela Clients repay their debt in a shorter period than planned. We strive for excellence.

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