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Mamela Consulting is a Financial Solutions Company focused on assisting individuals to resolve their debt problems. We are a Debt Management Company that operates Nationwide with our head offices based in Durban. Importantly, we have a solution to help all consumers irrespective of their circumstance and our number one goal is to help you solve your debt problems. Mamela Consulting can help stop the downward spiral of debt and offer real affordable solutions to your problems. Experience has shown that we can restructure your debt, putting you back in control of your life.

Our staff are highly qualified debt counselors and are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Contact us today for debt advice that considers all debt solutions based on your specific circumstance. Our trained, professional and friendly staff are waiting to take your call.

Our Services

Debt Counselling / Review

In accordance to the National Credit Act (NCA) it is fully within your right to apply to a Debt Consoler for debt relief if you find that you are unable to meet your monthly financial obligations and commitments. The debt councilor will process your application, during that period creditors cannot take legal action against you nor will they be able to repossess any of your assets. At this point all debt repayments will be ceased this is only until the debt counselor is done with the restructuring of your debt, when this is done the installment will be set to installments that are affordable to and your monthly income is not exhausted .

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement IS known as debt negotiation for it involves a plan that is personalized for the purpose of negotiating with creditors more effectively ,debt settlement is negations with creditors to settle unsecured debts. One or both parties begin the debt settlement negotiations and creditors then come to a mutual agreement on the balance that is reduced which is then viewed as a full payment (payed in full) and taken to be the final installment. In South Africa Debt Settlement has gradually become a recognizable alternative.

Debt Solution Administration Order

This occurs when the terms of judgment obtained against a debtor that is unable to pay any amount that is due or to meet their financial obligations, also has insufficient assets with the ability to expunge the amounts due. The debtor can apply to the Magistrates court to be placed under administration; this is a cure that allows the debtor to exercise his rights through the appointment of an attorney to assist.

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